December 2020

picture of computer, pen and paper and person working

How to Maintain A Professional Blog, Part 1

You might be surprised to know that blogging is still relevant in the social media landscape. Even though social media has migrated into image sharing, micro-blogging, and disposable video, the text heavy method of traditional blogging is still a potential powerhouse to leveraging your business. Sadly, one reason why blogging has been eschewed in favor …

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Stop Using the Word Help

People who know me well know I will – in regular conversation – use words such as caparison, promulgate, indecorous, maudlin, perspicacity, purloin, amalgamate, and a host of other little-known SAT-type vocabulary words. Why? Because I enjoy finding the right word. I can parse out the difference among obdurate, intransigent, intractable, and truculent – all …

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