Month: February 2021

Writing Forms and How to Use Them

As a writer, you likely have a list of topics you want to talk about. If you blog, you probably write about your passions or around a central theme. If you craft stories, you may be writing to answer big life questions. Or you may simply want to use writing to connect with a fan …

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Types of Writing

Writing is a powerful tool to express human emotions, knowledge, and ideas and for businesses to attract new clients through marketing or online content. Through writing, you invite others into your thoughts, filtered through your pen (or cursor!) and deriving from your own unique perspective. But did you know that your unique writing style is only …

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Productive Writing

The day is fresh and new, and the first big item on your to do list is blogging for my website. Or a client letter, or the next chapter in your manuscript. Regardless, you sit down, hands poised over your laptop keys… only to have your mind go blank and then wander away… Did I …

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