June 2021

Why You Need to Use Hashtags

If you frequent Instagram or Twitter these days, you may have noticed the long string of words at the end of each post with the pound sign (#) in front of them. In social media speak, these tagged words became known as hashtags, and they play a huge role in the success of your social …

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How to Research for Your Article

As you expand your business and create content for it (either through publishing articles, maintaining a blog, or designing a website), research inevitably becomes a valuable tool in your business skill arsenal. While we typically think of research only pertaining to scholarly papers and such, in actuality it forms the foundation of all quality content …

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The Importance of Keywords

With the way the internet has altered the business landscape, keywords are of prime consideration to any business owner. You might be asking yourself why. Keywords allow search engines (like Google, Bing, and others) to find, index, and rank your business. While keywords get the most traction in business articles and blog posts, they are …

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