Writing to Empower

Writing is a powerful tool. With words, you can build up confidence, lay out a devastating argument, communicate timeless truths, and entirely ingratiate yourself to your audience. Hint: the last thing on that list is what you don’t want to do. Last year, I wrote a blog entry on why we should avoid the world …

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Business Writing Practices

Did you know that writing is one of the most important business skills you can have? Think about it – business writing covers everything from emails to company blog posts to press releases. Whether you are managing your own business or working as an employee of a business, being able to write well is critical …

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picture of computer, pen and paper and person working

How to Maintain A Professional Blog, Part 1

You might be surprised to know that blogging is still relevant in the social media landscape. Even though social media has migrated into image sharing, micro-blogging, and disposable video, the text heavy method of traditional blogging is still a potential powerhouse to leveraging your business. Sadly, one reason why blogging has been eschewed in favor …

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dice with ghostwriter spelled out over newspaper clippings

Who or what is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is legitimate and authentic. Ghostwriting means you hire a writer to write for you, but you present the work as if you authored it. Isn’t that deceptive? Well…not exactly; it’s an acceptable practice. A ghostwriter is a professional writer-for-hire who doesn’t take credit for the content in any way, nor do they profit from …

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