Corporate Policies

Avoiding Clichés… like the Plague!

Here’s a pop quiz. Read the phrases and sentences below. What is the common denominator? If you identified these as cliches, you’re correct. Cliches are overused phrases that have lost their fresh, metaphoric power. A sign that your mind is either tired or underconfident is an abundance of these littering your writing.  Readers will start …

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Writing to Empower

Writing is a powerful tool. With words, you can build up confidence, lay out a devastating argument, communicate timeless truths, and entirely ingratiate yourself to your audience. Hint: the last thing on that list is what you don’t want to do. Last year, I wrote a blog entry on why we should avoid the world …

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Business Writing Practices

Did you know that writing is one of the most important business skills you can have? Think about it – business writing covers everything from emails to company blog posts to press releases. Whether you are managing your own business or working as an employee of a business, being able to write well is critical …

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Developing Strong Business Writing Skills

No matter what industry you are a part of, business writing skills will support your professional role. Business writing can be defined as any written professional communication whether it be internal (addressing those within your company) or external (client or audience facing). Typically, business writing will take the form of emails, reports, documents, proposals, and …

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How to Write an Effective Bio

In most situations, you’ll make a first impression in approximately seven seconds. Typically, we think of first impressions as a face to face interaction, but did you know that you can create a first impression by how well you write a bio of yourself? Bios are part of professional life. You can find them on …

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Why You Need to Use Hashtags

If you frequent Instagram or Twitter these days, you may have noticed the long string of words at the end of each post with the pound sign (#) in front of them. In social media speak, these tagged words became known as hashtags, and they play a huge role in the success of your social …

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How to Write A Professional Email

Imagine a bright, sunny morning. You’ve brewed your favorite beverage and have just sat down to the computer ready to tackle the tasks for the day. First on your list is to check email and get caught up with any new business matters. As you quickly scan down the list of unread emails, you notice …

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How to Maintain A Professional Blog, Part 2

So, you have a blog. It looks perfect. The interface is smooth and reader friendly, and you likely even have a few photos on the side or embedded in the first few posts to help give your writing content a little extra push. But after the first few weeks, reality often sets in, and maintaining …

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The importance of good company policies

Corporate communications writing covers outlining your company policies in writing for either employees or clients, and at times investors. Business writing is a specific subset and a unique type of writing. It carries a more formal tone, with the business as the subject speaking directly to a specific audience. Your copywriter or ghostwriter should be …

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