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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions that clients have had working with a professional writer.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who have been in business for between two and five years, typically creative businesses, in addition to grad students / academics and aspiring authors. Those who are ready to invest in professional-level quality, for top notch branding which sets you apart from your competition. Massage therapists, dance studio owners, interior designers, realtors and other home services, life and business coaches, web designers, law firms, CPAs, bookkeepers, photographers – businesses where the client experience takes center stage.

Most services start with a consultation with Sadie, either by phone or video, to discuss your project. I’ll take notes, give expert advice, and for larger-scope projects, send a proposal customized to your situation and business. Once you agree to move forward, we begin! You’ll be paired with a writer who will manage the project with you from start to finish.

Sometimes what’s in your head makes sense in your head. As a professional writer and editor, I give you the benefit of an objective perspective so your message is clear and polished, which elevates your brand.


For most content, first drafts are typically ready within one to two weeks, and final versions within two to four weeks. For those who need something quicker, choose the rush service for an additional fee.

Let’s talk! No matter where you are in the process, we will tailor a plan so your book takes shape.

Absolutely! Your writer will provide accountability and give writing prompts to stimulate your creativity, then move through chapter by chapter. At the end, you’ll have a manuscript ready to submit to publishers.

Another good question. we typically assess flat fees based on the scope of the project. This way there are no surprises for you!

Results cannot be predicted and are based on a number of different variables. We see the biggest impact from those who remain committed to the process, who actively participate, and who consistently implement the techniques discussed. We will use our best professional efforts throughout, applying our expertise to your benefit, and we’re thrilled when clients tell us how they’ve seen their profits increase based on our strategies!

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