How to Be Successful with Social Media

Did you know that almost 40% of the world’s population uses one or more social media platforms? Social media is one of the best places today to connect with your clientele and engage your audience on your brand, services, and/or products. However, with so many people online, how do you position yourself to be visible in a crowd?

Begin with a strategy

Successfully using social media for your business involves considerably more than just posting pretty pictures! You should have well-defined goals, such as gaining a specific number of followers in a timeframe or posting content that reflects the shifts in consumer trends. Your branding should be well-defined so that your content can be recognized as distinct from others in your industry. Knowing what your audience is looking for will aid you in creating content that meets their expectations. 

Stay relevant to your audience

This typically goes without saying, but tooting your own horn all the time on social media can be very off-putting to your audience. Not all your posts need to be how great you are or all about your brand. In social media, the best content is that which is relevant to your audience. Consider informing your audience about trends in your industry, an educational series on how to solve problems, or even a little bit of humor here and there!

Engage, engage, engage!

Part of brand strategy is engaging with your audience in a meaningful manner. This means going beyond posting content on your social media platforms. If you get comments from your audience, reply to them! Use this opportunity to gain more knowledge about your audience’s needs/wants, and build a social media community around your business. Key to being successful here is staying consistent with your brand persona, which should be defined as part of your brand strategy.

To learn more about how to converse with your audience, see my other blog post on this subject!

Social media is an excellent online forum to find and interact with your clients, both by providing them with more information about how you are relevant to them and by allowing you to discover pertinent information about those you want to reach most.

Are you struggling to stay consistent with social media posting for your business? Are you getting the results you want? Contact me and we’ll talk about a more strategic approach so you can concentrate on developing your business. 

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