How to Maintain A Professional Blog, Part 1

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You might be surprised to know that blogging is still relevant in the social media landscape. Even though social media has migrated into image sharing, micro-blogging, and disposable video, the text heavy method of traditional blogging is still a potential powerhouse to leveraging your business. Sadly, one reason why blogging has been eschewed in favor of other forms of social media is because keeping up with a professional blog can be a job all by itself. After all, consistent, relatable content is the key to the successful blog, no matter what the subject.

So, you may ask, how does one actually keep up with professional blogging? Great question!

Stay Focused

First, keep your objective in mind. Every blog needs a purpose to inform the kind of content it holds. Do you have goods and services to promote? Then blog about those things. Are you generating creative content like short stories or literary analysis for readers? Then center your focus on those topics. Keeping your content centered around a theme enables readers connect with you as an author and promotes consistency in your writing.

Avoid Procrastination

Second, get into the habit of writing blog posts ahead of time. Procrastination hurts everyone, but especially content creators who depend on regular creative output for their revenue. Why? Procrastination triggers a high-stress environment which is toxic to creativity as the writer struggles to meet deadlines. To avoid this, plan ahead and write your posts at least a week early, giving you time to edit and customize your content. If you find yourself with extra time, work on a roster of emergency blog posts for those times when you’re in a situation that keeps you from blogging.

Outsource as needed

Third, don’t be afraid to outsource your writing needs. There are several reasons why you may want to do this. Maybe you’re in a position where you need to focus on other top revenue producing activities for your business, but you know that blogging could jumpstart the conversation about your products. Maybe writing is something that doesn’t fit naturally into your skillset, or you find yourself truly struggling to put ideas down on paper. In those situations, hiring a writer to create content for you can be the perfect solution!

Have any more questions about blogging or hiring a writer to aid the process?

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