Invest in Persuasive Writing Techniques

Why should you, a small business owner, invest in quality persuasive writing techniques?

In a word, you want the people reading what you write to say yes to you. When your clients say yes, you will gain results: business, evenue, partnerships, and more. When your clients say yes, you get closer to your goals! Persuasive writing is key to making this happen. The more you leverage your persuasive writing skills, the more your message and content will drive leads, create exposure, and foster conversations about your business. 

So what is persuasive writing? At its heart, persuasive writing convinces your audience to agree with your message by using facts and emotions to create appeal. A persuasive piece provides your readers with a framework to understand an issue from your perspective, but in a way that benefits them. Common techniques include:

  1. Presenting strong evidence by using facts, statistics, statements, and research findings to back up your argument.
  2. Relevant,  real-life examples to enhance the impact of your message.
  3. Balanced information that acknowledges more than one perspective, even if you’re taking a single side. 

“But I already know how to write a persuasive essay!” you might be thinking. If you do, kudos to you! But did you know that there are other ways to create persuasion in your content? Here are some applications to get you started:

  1. Make sure your headlines highlight the benefit you’re offering.
  2. Hook your readers on your first sentence by asking them a question.
  3. Start small and build anticipation. Think of a persuasive piece as a six-course meal, not a fast food drive-through.
  4. Empathy is your friend. Identify your audience’s pain points and respond!
  5. Tell stories! Who doesn’t love a good story?
  6. Keep your language clear and concise. 

Persuasive techniques can be used in Facebook and Instagram posts, Facebook or Instagram lives, and YouTube video essays. Just remember to stick to the common techniques and the different applications of persuasive communication through your content. 

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