Pain Points for College & Grad School Applicants

College applications are a stressful introduction to college life, especially for students who have never handled a college application before. One way colleges are addressing this is the Common App. I’ve talked about the Common App before and why you should use it for your application.

For undergrads and transfer students, the Common App – and related Coalition App -is a streamlined process that saves you time. One application through the common app covers most of your college applications. Instead of writing several essays and filling out different sets of information, you only have to do this once! [link second blog post] Select from the prompts, write your personal statement, and then do the supplemental ones (yes, these are very important, even if it’s optional). Many universities will have their own additional supplemental essays as well. It can be a lot of writing and thinking of many topics to show yourself as a well-rounded, capable applicant.

Today, I’d like to address a related pain point I see when students begin to apply.

Here’s a brief scenario: a prospective grad student is looking to launch into the next phase of  their education and has the following mental conversation.

“Oh, look at this college for [fill in the blank] degree program! This is perfect and my undergrad matriculates!

… I have to write a letter of interest? I know what I want to write about, but I don’t know how! How can I turn my thoughts into an essay form?”

This is where I come into the picture. If you’re struggling to nail down your thoughts onto paper, consulting with a professional content strategist may be just the thing you need.  If you’re looking for an effective solution to defining your topics and then  translating your thoughts out in the open for a college application essay, look no further. Let’s set up a consultation so we can discuss your needs. I’ll talk with you, decide on your stories, and create an outline so you have a map to follow.

You’ll end up with written content that will wow admissions counselors and could very likely be the difference between just okay and being accepted to the program of your dreams!

For more information, check out my post on The Anatomy of a College Essay.

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