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Developing Strong Business Writing Skills

No matter what industry you are a part of, business writing skills will support your professional role. Business writing can be defined as any written professional communication whether it be internal (addressing those within your company) or external (client or audience facing). Typically, business writing will take the form of emails, reports, documents, proposals, and …

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Writing your employee handbook

If your small business or startup venture is expanding, what is one tool you need before hiring? You need an employee handbook! Employee handbooks form the basis of communication between you and your employees. In a handbook, you can lay out the rules, expectations, best practices, and processes, all valuable information when new employees onboard …

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How to Research for Your Article

As you expand your business and create content for it (either through publishing articles, maintaining a blog, or designing a website), research inevitably becomes a valuable tool in your business skill arsenal. While we typically think of research only pertaining to scholarly papers and such, in actuality it forms the foundation of all quality content …

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