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Writing Quality SEO Copy

I’ve talked about using keywords [insert link to blog post] and the importance of using them in your website copy. Writing for SEO means structuring your copy in such a way that searches and search engines on the internet have a higher chance of bringing up your copy when someone enters keywords into the search …

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How to Be Successful with Social Media

Did you know that almost 40% of the world’s population uses one or more social media platforms? Social media is one of the best places today to connect with your clientele and engage your audience on your brand, services, and/or products. However, with so many people online, how do you position yourself to be visible …

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Writing your employee handbook

If your small business or startup venture is expanding, what is one tool you need before hiring? You need an employee handbook! Employee handbooks form the basis of communication between you and your employees. In a handbook, you can lay out the rules, expectations, best practices, and processes, all valuable information when new employees onboard …

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The Importance of Strong Transitions

Transitions in writing bring your reader along for the ride, making their experience smoother. You’re talking to their brain, more than anything. How do you make strong transitions when writing your article, blog, or website copy? For the writer, these will come largely in the form of transitional words and phrases, also known as transitional …

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How to Write Website Copy

Thanks to the high-speed world introduced by the internet and social media, website visitors don’t read – they skim. Unlike a good novel whose purpose is to allow the reader to wander through lines of elegant prose, online content works best when short and to the point. Brevity is the tactic, but not at the …

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What Skills do you Need for Professional Writing?

One of the most useful skills you can cultivate is writing. In the professional world, you can be called upon to write any number of things. For example, you could be tasked with writing blog posts for your company, articles about your profession or industry, newsletters, company emails, company policies, or query letters if you …

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How to Write an Effective Bio

In most situations, you’ll make a first impression in approximately seven seconds. Typically, we think of first impressions as a face to face interaction, but did you know that you can create a first impression by how well you write a bio of yourself? Bios are part of professional life. You can find them on …

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How to Write Effective Paragraphs

If someone walked up to you today and asked you to define a paragraph, what would be your answer? Many define paragraphs according to their length, citing how much space a paragraph takes up on a physical page or how many sentences it has. In reality, paragraphs are better thought of as a group of …

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How to Correctly Use Emotional Appeals

Good writing not only appeals to the mind, but also the heart. After all, one of the three forms of persuasion is pathos (defined by Merriam Webster as an element in experience or in artistic representation evoking pity or compassion). Writers may use pathos to provoke sympathy from their audience, often emotions such as pity, …

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