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Using Articles to Promote Your Business

Business articles are a fantastic way to promote your business, but what are they? Simply put, a business article consists of content written with the intention of sharing information about your business. The simplest form of a business article is the blog posts, but you can also find business articles in presentations, brochures, flyers, and …

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How to Write A Professional Email

Imagine a bright, sunny morning. You’ve brewed your favorite beverage and have just sat down to the computer ready to tackle the tasks for the day. First on your list is to check email and get caught up with any new business matters. As you quickly scan down the list of unread emails, you notice …

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Productive Writing

The day is fresh and new, and the first big item on your to do list is blogging for my website. Or a client letter, or the next chapter in your manuscript. Regardless, you sit down, hands poised over your laptop keys… only to have your mind go blank and then wander away… Did I …

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