Terms of Service

Southern Ambition/Sadie L. Harper, M.S. provide content writing, editing, and business development/operations services as described herein only and, while we will use our best professional efforts in working with Client and Client’s materials, make no guarantees or warranties either expressed or implied, orally or in writing as to the usability, readability, or feasibility for a particular purpose. Any disputes will be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina, jurisdiction of Wake County and will be settled by binding arbitration. These terms subject to change based on Southern Ambition’s sole discretion, and additional service terms may apply (Client will be responsible for our attorney, legal, and court costs in pursuit of dispute resolution and/or to recover unpaid fees).

Fees are paid in advance of services and are considered nonrefundable, non-prorated, and earned upon receipt. Ongoing content requires a valid card to be kept on file at all times for repeat invoicing, and accounts subject to account-close fee upon notice of termination. We require a 30-day minimum notice to cancel ongoing content accounts (30 days is interpreted as from the first of the month; notices received mid-month will begin their 30-day cancellation period on the first of the next calendar month). Client is ultimately responsible for all fees and all charges related to their account and work performed on their behalf. We reserve the right to charge additional fees for excessive communications. Balances remaining unpaid for 3 business days or more will result in immediate cessation of all work efforts until accounts are brought current.

We endeavor to provide efficient services and make every effort to have first drafts to Client within a reasonable time with finalized product delivered within a reasonable time, absent exigent circumstances, emergencies, or acts of God.

Client understands they have a responsibility to using their own content and that content services do not substitute in any way for client’s participation in posting or scheduling. Content services do not take the place of client’s efforts but supplement, and we do not guarantee results by way of engagement, likes, re-posts, or comments. Client further understands they enter into this relationship with Southern Ambition LLC on an exclusive basis regarding content writing, editing, consulting services, and/or production of materials as agreed to in written communications and will not engage any business which would either in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, compete with, replace, or supplement work provided by Southern Ambition. Client agrees to offer Southern Ambition right of first refusal for further content, consulting, or other work related to or in the spirit of the initial agreement. Should client violate this, it will materially breach their agreement with Southern Ambition. Southern Ambition LLC understands that, in the process, we may have access to proprietary information relating to Client’s business operations, and we agree to receive and hold all such proprietary information in strict confidence unless required to disclose during a judicial proceeding. Client understands Southern Ambition may use materials developed as our work product, omitting identifying details wherever possible to protect confidentiality.

Southern Ambition does not give legal advice and strongly recommends any and all documents with legal ramifications (including but not limited to contracts, company policies, and employee handbooks) be reviewed by a licensed attorney, and client understands 1. Work product or conversations with Southern Ambition do not substitute for legal counsel; 2. Are not intended as legal advice; and 3. Holds sole responsibility for pursuing their own legal advice independent of Southern Ambition.

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