Using Articles to Promote Your Business

Business articles are a fantastic way to promote your business, but what are they? Simply put, a business article consists of content written with the intention of sharing information about your business. The simplest form of a business article is the blog posts, but you can also find business articles in presentations, brochures, flyers, and newsletters. These forms are the housing of your content, and the length of your article will be determined whether you are writing for a blog post, creating a flyer, or submitting work to be published in a local magazine or newspaper. 

“But I’ve never written a business article!” you might be saying to yourself. No worries. By following the tips below, you can set yourself up for success from the beginning.

Understand your target audience

Key to the success of any article is knowing your audience. For example, if your base of readers consists of customers, your content can be more conversational. If you’re writing for a B2B context, you will want to dress up your language with your expertise in your field. A great way to begin this process is writing down a list of needs within your target audience. Remember that no matter who you’re writing to, your information must be easy to read, and digest, and remember.

Do your research and structure your thoughts

As you research for your article, make sure to source your information from credible sources (newspapers, major news networks, and peer-reviewed journals). One creative way to include outside information is to include quotes. Why? Because quotes can support your ideas by lending additional credibility from other experts! Ask other business owners or speakers in your field to contribute ideas and advice to your article. Remember to give credit where credit is due by tagging or linking back to your source information. At the end of the article, include a proper citation so others can find the source for themselves.

[Links are a great way to credit information on blog entries – see my posts about professional blogging here and here]

Once your research is complete, create an outline for your article. No, don’t cringe. Outlines are your friends and a fantastic way to save time. How? List major points of your information and fill them with key concepts and subtopics in bullet points. This “roadmap” will save you time and grief energy as you begin to write your article.

Write first – then edit!

Writing and editing are mutually exclusive in the creative process – one can’t exist in the same place with the other! No matter how lopsided your first draft is, try to avoid editing it until you’ve written all of it. Once you have your first draft in all its awkward, newborn glory, you can begin to evaluate how to highlight its strengths and eliminate weaknesses. Check to include keywords for your business if you uncovered any in your research and make sure your first paragraph opens with your article’s purpose. It goes without saying, but correct grammar and spelling are imperative.

Do you have more questions about how to research, write, and edit business articles? Set up a consultation with me to discuss your needs!

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