What is a so-called ‘content strategist’ anyways?

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Fantastic question. Here’s what it means to me and how Southern Ambition does this for you/your business – and why it pays to have an expert deliver this for you.

Googling content strategist job descriptions results in definitions like an “inbound marketer with a broad set of content marketing skills” (retrieved from https://contentstrategycourse.com/what-is-a-content-strategist/). Or you might see Wikipedia’s description, which defines it as the “planning, development, and management of content – written or in other media” (retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_strategy).

First, let’s break it into its components. Content simply refers to the written word, the document itself. An assemblage of letters on a page, black-and-white characters marching left to right, coalesced into sentences and paragraphs with a – hopefully! – cohesive point (and correct grammar) which interests your readers. If it compels them to action, it becomes part of your marketing strategy. A newsletter or blog post, website page, email to send to your list, social media post, that sort of thing.

So, through the content creation process, I use words, phrases, vocabulary (I love complex, rarely-used words), syntax, and grammar to structure a deliberate message with your audience in mind. This is where the strategy portion comes into play.

To whom is this speaking? What do you need to tell them – and what do they want to hear from you? What platform will this go on (email, newsletter, website, blog, social media post, etc.)? How do you incorporate the best terms so someone will search for – and find – you?

I ask all these questions, and more, throughout the process (behind the scenes). I also evaluate what platform you’ll use this on, then balance with that platform’s strengths and best uses. The bio I write for your website’s about page will not have the same context, voice, or details as your LinkedIn profile summary, or even a bio written for you to present at a speaking engagement.

So what do I do as a content strategist? I write and edit content for your audience, in your voice, for specific platform delivery to present a consistent brand image for your business to connect you to your ideal clients and referral partners, and to support your business goals.

And now the big question: should you do this yourself, or should you hire an expert? If you’re not a writer, then hire an expert. I’ll make you look and sound good to your audience – it’s the most integral portion of my job, to elevate you and your brand using words. If you write, then have a pro edit, to ensure it’s consistent and correct so you present the highest, most professional version of yourself.

If you’re neither writer nor editor, and – this is the most important thing – if it takes your time away from engaging in activities which bring in income, hire a professional editor. What takes you eight to ten hours will take me maybe one to two. Multiply your hourly rate by the time it would take you versus paying professional copywriter fees. You’ll come out ahead, experiencing the freedom to focus on income-producing actions.

Go ahead, make money while paying a pro to write for you. That’s profit. That’s being a savvy entrepreneur. Hire a content strategy expert.

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