What you need in a manuscript editor

If you’re in need of a manuscript editor, you’ll want to contract one with some very specific characteristics to ensure success. Here are a set of criteria you should use while evaluating a potential editor for your piece:

  1. Editing services are only as good as the editor. Choose an editor who has experience working with published pieces and has an excellent command of written language.
  2. If you are not self-publishing, choose services with a proven record of published work. Being published is the end game!
  3. Regardless of the type of editing, your editor should be accurate and provide deliverables on time!
  4. An editor with a reputation for client services will make the editing process a lot smoother.
  5. Honesty is a must. If something is wrong with your manuscript, you want an honest editor who can not only show you what is wrong but how to fix it.
  6. Above all, the editing service you choose should make a discernible difference to your manuscript. You should be able to compare drafts and see progression towards improvement.

Does this sound like my editing services at Southern Ambition? You bet they do! If you’re looking to have your manuscript editor, reach out to me for a consultation to get the process started. 

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