Writing Quality SEO Copy

I’ve talked about using keywords [insert link to blog post] and the importance of using them in your website copy. Writing for SEO means structuring your copy in such a way that searches and search engines on the internet have a higher chance of bringing up your copy when someone enters keywords into the search bar of a search engine such as Google. 

Research your keywords!

Before you write your blog post or article, make sure you know what keywords you need to have on hand. The best way to do this is to make a list. If you are having trouble finding the right keywords, think about how you would search for your topic as a consumer or researcher. For example, if you wanted to find a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, most likely you would type “chocolate chip cookie recipes” into the Google search bar. That is your keyword phrase! With more complicated subjects, you may find yourself having more than just one keyword or keyword phrase. Your best bet is to have a list of search terms your potential audience would be likely to use and as many combinations of those words into keyword phrases as you can make. 

Write your article

The next step of writing your SEO copy is actually writing your piece. Many writers often struggle with starting a piece, especially after doing the research beforehand. At this early stage, you can dispense writing that first, difficult paragraph and jot down a few words or sentences to remind you of what needs to go into that paragraph. Stick to the structure of your outline and concentrate on getting the words down on paper (editing will come later).

For more advice on how to write articles, check out my blog post on the subject.

Edit for SEO

Once you have your piece written, you’re probably going to read back over it and wince over its shortcomings. Never fear – now that you have contented created, you can edit it to your heart’s content. Focus on your sentences and bring them to complete grammar correctness, then move to the structure of each paragraph. Does your first sentence capture the topic of each paragraph? Are your transitions strong? Check for readability by reading aloud or having another writer review your work.

Have more questions about how to write content for SEO? Contact me to discuss. 

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