Writing to Empower

Writing is a powerful tool. With words, you can build up confidence, lay out a devastating argument, communicate timeless truths, and entirely ingratiate yourself to your audience.

Hint: the last thing on that list is what you don’t want to do.

Last year, I wrote a blog entry on why we should avoid the world help. [Link to blog post] This is the one word I can’t stand in any kind of business writing. It’s a crutch word – a “helping” verb – and it positions you directly beneath your audience. If that audience includes potential clients, then you risk losing authority. As a business owner, I know that losing authority can undermine the health and success of my business.

My solution is to write with the goal to empower both myself and my audience. I want to present myself in such a way that my clients know they can trust me. My confidence becomes their confidence. Here are some ways you can be empowering in your writing.

Build Successful Writing Habits

Confidence begins long before you sit down to write. Self-doubt and what we writers like to call our “inner critic” are major roadblocks to successful writing. There are many strategies and workarounds to this particular issue. Some I recommend are:

  • Have a daily routine to eliminate distractions
  • Write regularly and often
  • Take care of your health to support your brainpower

Intentional Writing Practices

  • Take note of what is successful in previous pieces
  • Discuss ideas and techniques with coworkers and other writers
  • Invest in vocabulary building tools like a dictionary and  thesaurus
  • Read. Read. Read.

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